Marauders Radar Tower: How to Destroy a Radar Tower

Small Impact Games

Completing contracts in Marauders is important to earn XP and consumables. One of these contracts involves destroying a radar tower, which can be a difficult task — here's how to get started with it.

Marauders, Small Impact Games' new Early Access title, is a first-person shooter with online PVP modes available. Playing as mercenaries getting by in space, players can progress by defeating enemies and completing contracts, which can also unlock valuable rewards and upgrades for a stronger loadout. Daily Contracts, which refresh after 24 hours, provide extra ways to gain more XP, while Core Contracts serve as a means to progress the story.

How to Destroy a Radar Tower in Marauders

At some point, you may receive a Daily Contract called "Boom Relay" that requests you destroy a radar tower. Radar towers, which can be found while traversing space, look similar to several other objects in the game, which can make them difficult to distinguish from others. They are identical to turrets, which are essentially the same structure as a radar tower with a turret mounted on top.

Another challenge is that other players may have already destroyed radar towers you come by. Unlike turrets, the towers don't actually attack you, which can make them easier to miss. Radar towers are also noted to be slightly thinner than turrets and have a satellite with a red flashing light toward their tops.

While they may be difficult to find, keep searching for those radar towers, especially as they may be behind floating debris and asteroids, and you'll soon find one. Once found, they're fairly easy to destroy.