Marc Overmars Prime Icon Moments: How to complete the Icon SBC

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Marc Overmars is one of the first Prime Icon Moments cards to be released in EA SPORTS FIFA 21 as part of Icon Swaps. A Dutch Legend, he's been rewarded with a 91 rated Prime Icon Moments card, which is actually a -1 downgrade on his Moments card in FIFA 20.

Overmars is available now in Icon Swaps SBCs. Here is how you can snag his card.

Total Icon Swaps Required

To obtain a Prime Icon Moments Marc Overmars through Swaps, you will need eleven swap tokens, which means you have to wait for a second set of objectives to achieve enough swap tokens.

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You will need a full starting eleven of Icon Swaps players to complete the SBC and get a PIM Marc Overmars and a small reward of 100 coins.

About Prime Icon Moments Marc Overmars

While he hasn't been a popular player in many players' squads over the years since his debut as an Icon in FIFA 18, Marc Overmars PIM is still an extraordinary card with excellent stats for a winger.

  • Overall: 91
  • Pace: 97
  • Shooting: 86
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Defense: 48
  • Physicality: 70
Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS FIFA 21

Overmars' pace splits are rarely matched by any card without a chemistry style in FIFA, resembling his darting speed down the wing for Arsenal and Ajax back in the '90s.

He can put the ball in the back of the net from either side, with either foot thanks to his 5-star weak foot and 88 finishing, and can hold his own creating space with respectable 3-star skills and well-rounded dribbling stats. With a Finisher chemistry style or Deadeye, you can boost his shooting and passing or dribbling and make him a great goal-scoring wing option. And being dutch, he has plenty of green-linking options, whether it be in the midfield with Frenkie DeJong and Wijnaldum or upfront with other dutch Icons such as Johan Cruyff.

For 11 tokens, he is certainly usable with the right players around him to back up his weaknesses and capitalize on his strengths. It is a matter of fan choice that determines if Marc Overmars' Prime Icon Moments card will be used often in FIFA 21.