Mariano Díaz FUT 21: How to Complete the Showdown SBC

Real Madrid Unveil New Signing Mariano
Real Madrid Unveil New Signing Mariano | Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Real Madrid is set to face Chelsea in the semifinal second leg of the Champions League, and FIFA 21 has issued a showdown set SBC for this matchup including Madrid striker Mariano. His SBC will be available up to Wednesday, May 5 at 1:00 PM EST, before the second leg starts.

Here's everything you need to know about the Mariano Díaz FUT Showdown SBC.

Mariano's Showdown SBC card
Mariano's Showdown SBC card | Photo Courtesy of EA SPORTS/FUTBIN

Mariano FUT Showdown SBC Requirements

Mariano's Showdown SBC item comes at the cost of two full squad segments, with the following requirements:

Squad 1

  • Team Rating: min 84
  • # of Players from Real Madrid: min 1
  • Team Chemistry: min 70

Squad 2

  • Team Rating: min 86
  • # of Players from TOTW: min 1
  • # of Players from La Liga: min 1
  • Team Chemistry: min 60

According to FUTBIN, with the prices of cards on the market at a low due to Team of the Season, the SBC is coming in around 130,000 coins.

Mariano FUT Showdown Card Stats

Mariano possesses a four-star weak foot with three-star skills, high-medium work rates, and an average body type at 5'10". He has been upgraded to the following stats:

 Mariano has been upgraded to the following stats.
In-game stats for Mariano | Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN
  • Pace: 92
  • Shooting: 91
  • Passing: 80
  • Dribbling: 86
  • Defending: 56
  • Physicality: 91

Mariano FUT Showdown Analysis

Considering that this card is coming before La Liga TOTS, and can be upgraded to a 91 overall card, this is a big W from EA in my opinion. Outside of Karin Benzema, who doesn't possess the greatest pace in FIFA, Real Madrid lacks a great pure striker in FIFA, and for links this card is solid. Mariano doesn't have the best skills but compensates for that with a good weak-foot, great finishing stats, and superb strength and aggression for an attacker. His stats look great with a finisher chemistry style to be a straight-up solo striker or partnered alongside a skiller, which are plentiful to find in the La Liga in FIFA.

For its price, you can't go wrong with a live card that can upgrade. Madrid and Chelsea are tied on aggregate, but Madrid has been great in the Champions League this season, and are many people's favorites to win the whole thing. This can be a fun card to use in FIFA for an inexpensive price with the transfer market very low at the moment. Overall, I think that this is a solid card, not the most "meta," but for the price and upgrade potential, definitely a good SBC to complete. A great finishing attacker for your La Liga Squad.