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Mario Golf Super Rush Announced During Nintendo Direct

Photo by Nintendo

Mario Golf Super Rush was announced during the Feb. 17 Nintendo Direct making it the first Mario Golf title made for console since 2003.

Nintendo has a long history of making Mario and related characters into sports stars. Most notably, Mario Golf, Kart and Tennis were popular releases back on the Nintendo 64. Mario Kart has received multiple entries in the series. Tennis received a new iteration on the Nintendo Switch with Mario Tennis Aces. Golf is finally receiving a new release.

Mario Golf Super Rush Announced During Nintendo Direct

Mario Golf Super Rush features new content including a story mode where players can take their Mii characters into the Mario Golf world. A competitive Speed mode was also announced. Players will be able to use regular or motion controls in the new Golf title.

The last Mario Golf game on console, Toadstool Tour, was released back on the Gamecube in 2003.

Mario Golf Super Rush releases on Nintendo Switch on June 25.