Mario Golf: Super Rush DLC: What's Planned?

courtesy of Nintendo

A DLC for Mario Gold: Super Rush has been announced to bring more content in game.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is a single and multiplayer game on Nintendo Switch. It allows players to choose their own club and character to play. It has been less than a week since Mario Golf: Super Rush has been released and fans are already loving it.

As if they predicted the fame, Nintendo has already announced a Mario Golf: Super Rush DLC coming soon. The best thing about these DLCs are that they will be free.

Mario Golf: Super Rush DLC: What's Planned?

Nintendo has announced updates to be coming to Mario Golf: Super Rush. The developers may have been in a rush themselves to release the game, that they will be adding content to the game.

These content include new characters and golf courses. These DLC updates is coming more than once throughout 2021.

courtesy of Nintendo YouTube

We have not been given information about what characters will be coming to Mario golf: Super Rush. Considering the roaster list of the game, we may expect Diddy Kong or Toadette to make an appearance.

Characters apart from the Mario Universe may also appear, as they did in previous Mario Games. These include Link, Kerby, Sonic.

New Donk City course is the only golf course announced so far. It is expected to join the game as the first DLC as well.