Mario Golf: Super Rush Spin Controls

courtesy of Nintendo

Here is a detailed guide of Mario Golf: Super Rush spin controls.

It has been less than a week since Nintendo has released a golfing game with Mario. Featured on Nintendo Switch, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a single and multiplayer game allowing you to choose your club and character to play. The game has been quick to building up its fans.

As simple as golf may seem, this sport has various skills that may lead to you victory. Spin in golf refers to the ball spinning. The faster the spin, the higher the ball will go.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Spin Controls

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, the game has three types of spins.

  • Standard Spin
  • Top Spin
  • Back Spin

In this article, you will be guided on how to activate each spin and how these spin will change your gameplay.

Standard Spin

Standard Spin is the default spin. It is a standard shot and the ball will go forward and roll a bit after landing. Press A while selecting the amount of power you will put on your shot.

Top Spin

You will be using this spin for long distance shots. Double tap A when selecting your shot power. A Top Spin will go a far distance and roll a bit after landing as well.

Back Spin

What is special about Back Spin is that it does not roll as much as the other two spins after landing. You want to use this when you are making delicate moves. You can activate Back Spin by pressing B during shot power selection.