Mario Kart Tour Drivers with Horns Challenge: How to Complete

Bowser and Dry Bowser are the only two Mario Kart Tour drivers with horns.
Bowser and Dry Bowser are the only two Mario Kart Tour drivers with horns. / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour drivers with horns challenge requires players to score 7,000 points using a character with horns. Naturally in a kart racing game, you would assume car horns. However, thanks to Nintendo's cast of characters, the term can also be taken literally. To complete this challenge, you are required to use a character with actual horns on their head.

Which Mario Kart Tour Drivers Have Horns?

As the time of this article, only two characters in Mario kart Tour have horns. The first one is Bowser. Bowser is a Super rarity racer with a large kart. He also comes with the "shell" trait, and is favored on the "Dino Dino Jungle," "Bowser's Castle1," "Bowser's Castle1T," and "Neo Bowser City." His special item is the "Bowser's Shell" item

As for the second racer with horns, it is also Bowser! Dry Bowser to be exact. Dry Bowser is a "High-End" rarity racer. Has been making appearances in Mario games for year, usually towards the end to signify that he is a much harder to defeat version of regular Bowser. He and bower both share the same special item, but come with their own set of special tracks. Dry Bowser's favored tracks are; "Dino Dino Jungle," "Dino Dino Jungle T," "Bowser's Castle 1R," "Shy Guy Bazaar R," and "Neo Bowser City T." The only favor track that is shared is "Dino Jungle T." The rest are unique to Dry Bowser.

Using any of these two racers would allow you to complete the challenge. To complete challenge, you will need to score 7,000 points