Mario Kart Tour Gameplay: What to Expect

Mario Kart Tour gameplay is bringing up a lot of questions about what to expect. As the game is set to launch Sept. 25, many Mario Kart fans ask the question: How would you play Mario Kart on mobile?

Mario Kart Tour Gameplay: What to Expect

The game had a closed beta for Android users, and while there was an embargo on footage, users reported that the game felt like a stripped down version of any of the console Mario Kart games. Acceleration is automatic, and steering is done by swiping the screen. There is some auto-pilot, as the game will try to steer you away from walls or obstacles.

The game itself reuses a lot of assets from Mario Kart 7 and 8, and some from the Japan only arcade Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Classic courses like Rainbow Road and Luigi's Mansion return, and brand new courses are playable as well.

New for Mario Kart Tour is the Frenzy Mode, which will give you temporary invincibility and an infinite supply of a certain item. Some characters will also have specific unique items like in Mario Kart: Double Dash. For example, Bowser and Dry Bowser will be able to use the Bowser's Shell item.

The game will feature a gacha element where you must randomly roll for Drivers, Karts and Gliders. Winning races will earn you Emeralds, which you will cash in for Pipes (yes, the green Mario pipes). The Pipes function as your draw mechanic. Drivers and Karts can be leveled up, and duplicates will contribute to the progress of those items.

There are three rarity tiers: Common, Rare and Super Rare. You will start the game with Toad or Toadette, who are both Rare level drivers. Upon completing the tutorial, you'll be awarded with another random Rare driver. Higher rarity items will have better stats and bonuses on certain courses.

Unfortunately, there is also a stamina bar, consisting of five hearts. Each race will deplete a heart, and like most mobile games you won't be able to play until they either regenerate or you buy them back. There also isn't a multiplayer mode, announced or otherwise at this point.

Mario Kart Tour will be available for iOS and Android Sept. 25. You can pre-register for the game now in the respective app stores.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo.