Mario Kart Tour Ranking System Explained

Mario Kart Tour ranking system is one part of the recently-release mobile version of the famous Mario Kart franchise. Once unlocked, players will be able to compete with other players weekly in ranked cups.

Mario Kart Tour Ranking System Explained

Players who have progressed through the first few cups will unlock the ranking system. Those players can then indirectly compete with other players around the world.

Instead of racing against actual players in real time, the game will match players with 19 AI-controlled racers to against which they compete each week. To win the cup, you must gain the most points in the cup each week by winning races.

The more you score by the end of the week, the higher your tier will rise. The higher you climb, the better competition you will face because players are aimed to be matched with competitors of similar skill.

If you haven't been able to participate in the ranking system yet, you must complete the first three cups to do so. Once you've done that, you will unlock the Shell Cup and Tour's first ranked cup.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo