Mario Kart Tour Tier List

A Mario Kart Tour tier list is important because today marks a major moment in the history of mobile gaming, as Nintendo's flagship racing series hits both the Apple and Android App Stores. It features classic and returning characters, along with 13 classic tracks from Mario Kart's past.

To unlock new drivers, players can either purchase the daily driver available using coins, or spend rubies for a chance at unlocking a random character via the Pipe. Here is a ranking of the best characters to look out for when expanding your Mario Kart Tour roster, as well as their special abilities:

Mario Kart Tour Tier List


Musician Mario: Musician mario can use the double bob-omb, which throws two bob-ombs at once.

Dry Bowser: Dry Bowser has the special ability of Bowser's shell, which scatters all opponents in its path.


Metal Mario: Utilizes the fire flower, which can spin out opponents on contact.

Peachette: Peachette can fire her mushroom cannon in front of her to gain additional speed boosts.

Paulina: Her lucky seven ability surrounds her with seven items, which can be used all at once with one tap.


Peach and Daisy: Peach and Daisy each use the heart ability, which shields you temporarily from oncoming attacks.

Mario: Mario also uses Metal Mario's fire flower.

Bowser: Bowser's shell.

Yoshi: Yoshi's egg will chase down opponents, and then burst into several more usable items.

Diddy and Donkey Kong: Each of their abilities spreads banana peels across the track in order to spin out incoming opponents.

Toad and Toadette: Toad and Toadette have the triple mushroom ability, giving them an extra speed boost that can be used at any time.


Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones: Both of these classic Mario enemies use the triple green shells, which can be used to temporarily stun other racers.

Baby Peach and Baby Daisy: The two baby princesses take advantage of their bubble ability to calmly float through portions of the track.

Baby Mario: Baby Mario's boomerang whirls around your kart to strike any nearby opponent.

Shy Guy: Shy Guy uses the same double bob-omb ability as Musician Mario

Image courtesy Nintendo