Mario Party Superstars Roster: List of All Playable Characters

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

With Mario Party Superstars, the latest iteration in the storied franchise, now available players are quickly diving into the game. Using old maps and mini-games from Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube versions of Mario Party, Superstars will be chock full of nostalgia for anyone who grew up with either system.

As players begin to challenge their friends to a variety of vibrant and exciting mini-games, they will have to select which character to run across the board as. Many are wondering what the full roster of characters that is available to players looks like. Luckily, we at DBLTAP have the full list, here are the playable characters in the newest Mario Party:

Mario Party Superstars Roster: List of All Playable Characters
A preview of one of the minigames available in Mario Party Superstars alongside some of the playable characters / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Mario Party Superstars Roster: List of All Playable Characters

There are a grand total of 10 playable characters on the Mario Party Superstars Roster: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Birdo, and Yoshi. All of these characters are available to players immediately upon launching the game.

Oddly, some of the biggest names in the Mario franchise are not part of the latest installment's roster. Popular characters such as Boo, Toad, and Koopa Troopa, to name a few . Many fans were disappointed by this limited roster and absence of iconic Nintendo characters.

Questions and speculation are already circulating over whether this roster will remain the same or expand. Fans are hopeful that Nintendo will remedy their lack of additional characters with future game updates or possibly even a DLC pack.

Mario Party Superstars Roster: List of All Playable Characters
Mario Party Superstars will allow players to choose from one of the ten characters listed above / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

The idea of a DLC pack would likely stir up some disagreement as some players will feel that purchasing the game alone should grant them access to any content added in the future free of charge. Even at an additional cost, it stands to reason that many game owners would be willing to pay a few extra bucks for more characters to play as.

At least for now, though, Mario Party Superstars' entire roster only consists of the ten characters available to players at the start of the game.