Mario Strikers Battle League Release Date Set for June 10

Mario Strikers Releases June 10
Mario Strikers Releases June 10 / Photo Courtesy of Nintendo Direct

The newest installment in the Mario Strikers Battle League series is officially set for a June 10, 2022 release date, according to Nintendo.

In Wednesday's Nintendo Direct live stream, many games were announced for the Nintendo platform, including the Mario soccer game, Mario Strikers Battle league. The trailer showcased Mario and friends battling Bowser and all of the iconic Mario franchise enemies in a large soccer arena, filled with action, goals, and power-ups.

In the trailer, we see various power-ups and obstacles, from bananas to shells and even a Yoshi Egg shot. In addition, customizable gear will play a part in the game not just for style, but for boosting stats, including speed, strength, and pass accuracy.

Up to eight players can play against each other on one Nintendo Switch system, according to Nintendo, and up to 20 players can join an online club to play together against clubs from around the world. The updated online capabilities make this a very hyped addition to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Pre-orders for Mario Strikers Battle League are available starting Wednesday and should be available at the conclusion of Nintendo Direct. Let us know if you're excited to step on the pitch with Mario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and more!