Marowak Weakness Pokemon GO

Marowak Weakness Pokemon GO: How to beat Marowak, regardless of form
Marowak Weakness Pokemon GO: How to beat Marowak, regardless of form / Niantic Labs

Marowak weakness in Pokemon GO could vary depending on which Marowak trainers are facing.

Marowak, the evolved form of the Lonely beloved ground-type, Cubone, has been rising in popularity thanks to its frequent features in the franchise. After all, Cubone's PokeDex description directly mentions wearing the skull of its deceased mother. Its time in the limelight began long before fans even saw its face. Marowak is one of the few chosen to receive an alternate Alolan form, as well, changing its typing.

Fortunately for some, none of these elements protect this Pokemon from having weaknesses.

Marowak Weakness Pokemon GO

Marowak is a ground-type from the Kanto region. It is part of the original 151 with a PokeDex number of 105—meaning it was also released with the first version of Pokemon GO on July 6, 2016. It is known for having overcome the grief of losing its mother and growing tougher from the experience.

The best counter choices for Kanto Marowak are those strong against ground-types. Trainers should seek out grass, ice, and water-types for raids and gym battles against it. These include Galarian Zen and Standard Darmanitan, Kingler, Roserade, and Kyogre. The most effective moves include Ice Fang, Avalanche, Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Razor Leaf, and Solar Beam.

Alolan Marowak is a fire and ghost-type, released on July 19, 2018. It is also known as the "Bone Keeper" Pokemon, though its appearance here more closely resembles a Polynesian fire-spinner.

The best counter choices against Alolan Marowak include dark, ground, rock, ghost, and water-types. For example, Gengar, Darkrai, Chandelure, Rampardos, and Crawdaunt are all effective combatants. The most powerful moves to look out for would be Lick, Shadowball, Snarl, Hex, Smack Down, Rock Slide, Bubble, and Crabhammer.

Marowak has a CP ceiling of 1835. Its attack stat is 144, defense is 186, and stamina is 155. It can have a hit point total of 134. The best moveset for Kanto Marowak includes the quick move Mud-Slap and charged move Earthquake. Its Alolan counterpart performs better with Fire Spin or Hex and Shadowball, respectively.

Marowak evolves from Cubone using 50 candies. Alolan Marowak must be caught from raids, the wild, or research encounters.