Marvel's Avengers Update V1.3.0 Focuses Heavily on Bug Fixes

Marvel's Avengers Update V1.3.0
Marvel's Avengers Update V1.3.0 / Square Enix

Marvel's Avengers Update V1.3.0 includes a ton of updates for the game. Crystal Dynamics, the developers of Marvel's Avengers, have announced that patch 1.3.0 will fix 1,000 difficult glitches and issues that include in game bugs and visual hiccups. This patch is the games first major patch, and with it comes a ton of quality of life changes.

Marvel's Avengers Update V1.3.0

For Avengers players, this is a huge day. The game since launch has experienced a ton of different glitches that dropped the quality of the game. Luckily this patch has now dropped, and players can begin to experience a smoother game state moving forward. Bugs that have previously hindered player progress should be gone, as well as tons of visual bugs that came with the launch version of the game.

Here is the developer's insight into the patch, as well as full details on all of the changes. In the post, the team states. "While the focus of this patch was resolving bugs, future near-term patches will integrate more quality-of-life adjustments and feedback-driven features/tuning." In the patch notes, you will find tons of bug fixes in the combat department, hopefully polishing up one of the games strongest components.