Marvel's Iron Man VR Switch: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

"You can never hide from your past..."
"You can never hide from your past..." / Sony Entertainment, Camouflaj

Marvel's Iron Man VR Switch possibilities have fans excited as the game is on its way to a system near you. It won't be long before players can take control of Tony Stark's famous metal suit and soar the skies to protect their homes and families. So far, it has been announced for the PlayStation 4 with a release date of Feb 28. The biggest question now is: what other systems will this title be making a debut for?

The gameplay depends heavily on the player's ability to use their virtual reality tools to pilot the Iron Man suit and complete the missions posed to them. The headset takes care of the illusion that one is inside the suit with the screen being composed of the exact meters Tony would see in the film adaptions.

Is Iron Man VR Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, there is no news that Iron Man VR will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. It appears that this title is exclusively for VR systems and headsets. The Switch, while consistently taking advantage of its own motion controls, is not eligible for this kind of game.

It lacks the headset required for the level of immersion desired by the developers. However, this doesn't mean the title won't be making an appearance with other VR systems later this year.

Although Sony and Camouflaj haven't alluded to any other consoles getting their chance, it's clear that those lacking in VR controls or setups will most likely be exempt from an announcement.