Marvel Snap Black and White Cards: How to Get

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Marvel Snap has exploded in popularity since its introduction last year, bringing collectible cards (that you can play with this time!) to the Marvel Universe. While playing, you might have seen opponents playing snazzier versions of cards with special effects and alternate backgrounds, including black-and-white cards that look real nice. Here's how to add them to your collection.

Upgrading cards in Marvel Snap takes them to Infinity and gives a new copy of the card. It's an arduous and time-consuming process, but valuable for cards you're attached to. The trick is that you can upgrade a card to Infinity multiple times, and the more you focus on one card, the more interesting things get.

Marvel Snap Black and White Cards: How to Get

As reported by Forbes, taking a card to Infinity and Splitting it has a chance to add a Background or Particle Effect. These have no effect on the mechanical elements of the cards, but style is everything, right? To get a Black and White Background, called "Ink," you have to Split a card at least four times, and even then, it has only a 10% chance of producing an Ink card. Talk about long odds.

It's the nature of card games to play the numbers game. Marvel Snap's continuing popularity means it must be doing something right.