Marvel Snap Collector's Reserve: Rewards, Drop Rates

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Once you've reached a certain Collector's Level and Season Pass Level in Marvel Snap, you'll gain access to an exclusive reward known as the Collector's Reserve, which randomly drops cards and other items. Here's what you need to know about its rewards and drop prates.

Marvel Snap is the Marvel Universe digital collectible card game that's exploded in popularity since it launched in the middle of last year. Its quick matches, recognizable characters and addictive gameplay have given it staying power among the dozens of digital card games released in recent years.

Marvel Snap Collector's Reserve: Rewards, Drop Rates

Upon reaching Collection Score 1006, you'll be eligible to open the Collector's Reserve every 12 Collection Levels. The Reserve replaces the Cache and has better rewards. Here's how they break down, according to Marvel Snap Zone:

Drop Rate



Series 3 Card, or 200-600 Collector's Tokens if all Series 3 Cards have been collected


Series 4 Card


Series 5 Card


300 Credits


400 Credits


200 Gold


100 Collector's Tokens


Rare Variant


Rare Avatar


Rare Title

A "pity" system ensures you are more likely to get unique cards on par with players of a similar level to you. Essentially, players still collecting Season 3 cards will be guaranteed a card in one of every four Reserves, with other rewards showing up in the other three instances.

For those looking to augment their collection in other ways, take a look at the Bundles available in the game's shop, including permanent and Seasonal Bundles.