Marvel Snap Death Wave Deck: Cards to Use

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Marvel Snap Death Wave decks are becoming more and more popular as players progress toward Pool 3 and Collection Level 486.

Death and Wave synergize well in decks considering the latter helps the former actually get played to a location. Death costs nine energy and carries a boasting 12 power. Her cost is decreased by one every time a card is destroyed during a game. Most players would just run her in a Destroy deck, but Death Wave decks are becoming more and more prevalent in matches.

Wave is a 3/3 card that has an On Reveal ability where all cards in both players' hands cost four energy the next turn. That's where the combo comes to life and players can get down a 4/12 essentially for some big power swings at locations.

Marvel Snap Death Wave Deck Card List

Here are the core Death Wave deck cards players should run in Marvel Snap:

  • The Hood - 1/-2
  • Yondu - 1/2
  • Bucky Barnes - 2/1
  • Carnage - 2/2
  • Killmonger - 3/3
  • Wave - 3/3
  • Deathlok - 3/3
  • Death - 9/12

Players then have the flexibility if they want to get creative and add in cards like America Chavez, Magneto, Aero, Doctor Doom and more for strong location control late in matches to help win games.

Wave is the primary activator if players have Death in their hands early on in games. Playing Wave on Turn 3 allows players to drop Death on Turn 4. Or, players can use other Destroy cards like Carnage, Yondu, Killmonger and Deathlok will help drive down the cost of Death if players don't have Wave to play. Ideally, players can disrupt opponents by playing Wave on Turn 4 which will ruin combo decks and allow players to get down both Death and America Chavez.

The best combo possible will happen when players can both destroy cards and play Wave because the cost reduction on Death is reduced after Wave's ability is applied.

Both Death and Wave are Pool 3 cards meaning players will have to hit Collection Level 486 and on to unlock these cards.