Marvel Snap Feb. 21 Patch Notes: Full List of Changes

Marvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap Feb. 21 patch notes were released including changes to multiple cards, card series drops, bug fixes and more.

The Marvel Snap meta was recently changed after balance updates to Silver Surfer and Zabu. Developer Second Dinner teased a card series drop for this update, but six other cards have received updates which should result in another shift in the meta.

Here's the full list of changes in the Marvel Snap Feb. 21 update, per Second Dinner.

Marvel Snap Feb. 21 Patch Notes: Full List of Changes

Card Series Drops

  • Series 5 and Series 4 now have shared rotation in the Token Shop

Series 5 to 4

  • Silver Surfer
  • Knull
  • Darkhawk
  • Sentry

Series 4 to 3

  • Agent Coulson
  • Maria Hill
  • Helicarrier

Card Updates


  • Was 4/1, Now 4/0


  • Was 6/8, Now 6/11


  • Was 4/1, Now 5/5


  • Was 5/7, Now 5/8


  • Was 4/5, Now 4/6


  • Was 2/1, Now 2/2

Location Updates

  • Sakaar: After this turn, put a card from each player’s hand here.
  • Klyntar's Symbiote cost changed from 1 to 4

Art and Visual Effects

  • Made Onslaught VFX faster (especially for Bar Sinister).
  • Added additional VFX to the location affected by Klaw’s ability.
  • Added a notification for when you try and discard while your hand is empty.
  • Added animation for Rickety Bridge location.
  • Mysterio’s Illusions will now use your Mysterio’s variant.

Bug Fixes

  • Absorbing Man’s effect can now be doubled by effects like Wong, Kamar Taj, and Odin.
  • The carousel should no longer get stuck mid-rotation on PC.
  • Moved the position of the Pro Bundle to the bottom of the shop.
  • Fast-forward VFX should properly show when Onslaught is played on Bar Sinister.
  • Altar of Death now gives energy if Green Goblin or Hobgoblin are played and destroyed on the opponent’s side.
  • Losing internet connection on the Friendly Battle Matchmaking now gives a connection error message instead of remaining on the Matchmaking screen.
  • Fixed a soft lock if both players were constantly idle in Friendly Battles.
  • Reduced size of cards in focus view so they overlap less with the variant/artist nameplate.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause soft locks in the Fast Upgrade flow.
  • Focusing a card in CLTR and Season Pass no longer plays the “New Card Earned” stinger SFX.
  • Purchasing Credits, Fast Upgrades, Token Shop cards, and Gold no longer causes the shop to scroll up.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some variants from displaying in the token shop properly.
  • Miles Morales cost is correctly reduced if a card is moved and destroyed before its move resolves.
  • Fixed a soft lock when the Undo Actions UI opened over the Retreat UI.
  • AI should no longer retreat in matches for new players under rank 10.
  • Ranked reward notification pips now appear again when you reach a new rank and have claimable rewards.
  • The prompt for inputting an incorrect Friendly Battle code has been updated.
  • Added correct variant name for a Sentry variant that was previously missing information.
  • If a card is played on Shuri’s Lab and moves, the VFX now appear on the correct location.
  • Enemy emote font size is no longer too small.
  • Fixed an Aw Snap error that could occur when Strange Academy moved cards.
  • Goose’s VFX now plays in the correct location when it moves.
  • Kingpin’s VFX should now always show in the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Jessica Jones' VFX to not display properly.
  • Punisher’s drag VFX should now display correctly.
  • Iron Fist no longer remains on the board if it is destroyed after activating.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Vormir sound effects to not play at times.
  • Fixed a problem with Korean fonts that made text too big in some instances.
  • Booster colors are now updating properly in the Battle Pass rewards list.
  • Fix to Isle of Silence for cards that are not marked Ongoing in text.
  • Fixed a layout problem that caused a gap between the in-game Player and Opponent Avatar and the Player and Opponent Info pop-up.
  • Quickly tapping to get premium Season Pass multiple times will no longer cause the game to be stuck.
  • Many art fixes over a variety of cards and variants.
  • The Steam client should now use current language as the initial locale.
  • Having 3 or 4 custom searches no longer causes the UI elements in the Filter menu to clip into each other.
  • Search & filter menus no longer clip under the notch at the top of iOS devices.
  • The Player Name change icon is no longer squished on certain devices.
  • Fixed the font size for some languages for the header text on the new season’s Welcome splash screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could purchase the wrong item from the token shop if you purchased just as the shop rolled over.
  • It is no longer possible to enter nothing but spaces as a profile name.
  • Added a ‘no connection’ warning to the main splash screen.

For a full list of known issues that Second Dinner is working on, click here.