Marvel Snap Pool 1 Kazoo Deck: Cards, How to Play

Marvel / Second Dinner (screenshot by Max Mallow)

Marvel Snap Pool 1 Kazoo decks are arguably the most popular and prominent at early Collection Levels of the game.

Kazoo, or Zoo, decks focus on flooding locations with 1-drop cards which are then buffed up by cards like Ka-Zar, Captain America and Blue Marvel. The deck has a ton of flexibility with card combos like Nightcrawler/Angela and players have room to get creative with certain cards.

Here's how to play the Kazoo Pool 1 deck in Marvel Snap and what cards you should and can use.

Marvel Snap Kazoo Pool 1 Deck Cardlist

  • Ant-Man - 1/1
  • Squirrel Girl - 1/1
  • Nightcrawler - 1/2
  • Korg (other options listed below) - 1/2
  • Angela - 2/0
  • Armor - 2/3
  • Scarlet Witch - 2/3
  • Wolfsbane - 3/1
  • Captain America - 3/3
  • Ka-Zar - 4/4
  • Blue Marvel - 5/3
  • Onslaught (other options listed below) - 6/7

Marvel Snap Kazoo Pool 1 Deck Substitues

Korg - Other Options

  • Mantis - 1/2
  • Hawkeye - 1/1
  • Quicksilver - 1/2
  • Rocket Raccoon - 1/2
  • Yondu - 1/2

Onslaught - Other Options

  • Spectrum - 6/5
  • Hulk - 6/12

How to Play Marvel Snap Kazoo Pool 1 Deck

As mentioned, Kazoo decks are all about getting your 1-drop cards on the board while then buffing those cards with Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel. The deck becomes even stronger when players can then play Onslaught on top of the two aforementioned cards getting double value. while also likely winning that singular zone. Players ideally want Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel at the same location with a space open so players can drop Onslaught on Turn 6.

Cards like Angela, Ant-Man and Wolfsbane will help with the power values at other locations. Angela is boosted +2 power every time a card is played at her location. Ant-Man receives a +3 power boost when players have four cards at the location including Ant-Man. Wolfsbane as well receives a +2 power boost for each card at the location where she is played. If played at a location with three cards, she becomes a 3/7. Total power starts to ramp up when these cards are played together and correctly.

There is some flexibility when it comes to certain cards. Korg is a great card which adds some disruption to opponent decks, but players don't have to play that card. Elektra is great at removing pesky 1-drop cards in a mirror match. Hawkeye can add some power to a location, but players are required to play a card there the next turn. Rocket Raccoon as well can become a 1/4, but players have to correctly play it into a location where the opponent played a card that turn which requires some luck. Yondu and Mantis can also provide that similar disruption to Korg.

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