Marvel Snap Quantum Tunnel: New Location Added

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Marvel Snap's newest location, Quantum Tunnel, was added to the collectible card battler late Feb. 14 continuing on the Quantum Realm seasonal theme.

Locations are a key feature of Marvel Snap. There are three Locations each game and each provide a unique variable to games. Locations can be changed mid-game as well thanks to cards like Storm and Scarlet Witch, but new Locations keep the game interesting and make certain decks more viable than others.

The latest Location is the Quantum Tunnel, keeping in theme with the Into The Quantum Realm season and upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania film.

Marvel Snap Quantum Tunnel: New Location Added

Quantum Tunnel's effect is: "When you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck."

Players can experiment with unique decks to try and take best advantage of Quantum Tunnel. Cards will activate their On Reveal ability when played here, but after that a random card for players' decks will be played here instead. Playing a flurry of 1-drop cards to try and hit high cost cards like Hulk, Death and Infinaut can be a fun strategy to try. As well, keep in mind that once the location is filled with higher cost cards, players will have a more consistent draw for later turns.

Or, players can turn off the location with Storm to make sure opponents don't get value out of it.