Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule September

Here's every card coming to Marvel Snap's Spotlight Caches for the month of September during the expected Loki Season 2 tie-in.
Marvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache schedule for September includes some reoccurring cards, new additions and special, limited time variants.

Spotlight Caches were recently introduced in Marvel Snap as developer Second Dinner continues to work on improving the card acquisition system. Players will now earn a guaranteed card each time they come across a Spotlight Cache. Those cards rotate weekly and usually include new releases and highly sought after Series 5 cards. If players already have a card included in the rotation, players can earn a special variant only unlockable through Spotlight Caches.

September is expected to be the month of Loki in Marvel Snap including a tie-in season alongside the upcoming Loki Season 2 on Disney+. Here's the full known schedule for Marvel Snap Spotlight Caches in September, per datamines listed on MarvelSnapZone.

Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule September

Week of Sept. 5

  • Jeff / Dan Hipp Variant
  • Ghost Spider / Gwenom Variant
  • Knull / Knull Variant

Week of Sept. 12

  • Alioth (New Release)

Week of Sept. 19

  • Ravonna Renslayer (New Release)

Week of Sept. 26

  • Mobius M. Mobius (New Release)

That's all that's known so far. Knull will mark a reappearance for the powerful Destroy card in Spotlight Caches, but a great opportunity for those who might've miseed out on the six-drop last time around and still don't have the Tokens necessary to purchase it.

Variants for Alioth, Ravonna Renslayer and Mobius M. Mobius are currently unknown, but should be updated as we get closer to September.