Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Tier List

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 tier list, courtesy of GuideRanx
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 tier list, courtesy of GuideRanx /

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 tier list isn't strictly necessary for completing the game, as it's not a game that requires the utmost optimization. Still, it can be useful to have some sense of which heroes are better than others, especially as there are 41 from which to choose. Here are some recommended heroes courtesy of GuideRanx.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Tier List: Which Characters are Good?

Spider-Man is a strong hero that can slot well into any team because of his versatility. He deals damage well, can crowd control enemies, and frequently staggers them.

Dr. Strange may have the highest DPS of any hero in the game, and he can safely deal that damage from a distance. He can also heal teammates, making him even more valuable.

The Hulk has a massive health pool, deals significant damage, and is great at staggering enemies. His charged special is also of above average strength.

Scarlet Witch's auras, which can slow and weaken enemies or heal allies, are useful in a wide range of scenarios. She also sports high damage-dealing potential.

Captain America is also a versatile pick, but his ability to buff teammates' damage is particularly useful.

Crystal can also heal teammates and deal damage from range.

Wolverine is hard to beat for melee damage.

At the top of the pile of playable characters is Thanos. But be warned: unlocking him is a slog.

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