Marvel Unlimited and Fortnite Partnership Explained

In-game Fortnite rewards for reading Marvel Unlimited.
In-game Fortnite rewards for reading Marvel Unlimited. / Epic Games, Marvel Comics

Fortnite and Marvel are no strangers to each other. Many Marvel skins and promotions have been released in the past few years. The latest partnership in which Marvel hopes to gain more comic readers on their Marvel Unlimited App is a creative way to get more people invested in comics.

Marvel Unlimited and Fortnite Promotion Explained

Marvel Comics and Epic Games have come together to create a limited event comic story. Many Marvel heroes find themselves in the world of Fortnite, they must battle and find a way back home. Players who keep up with every issue will find promotional codes for in-game Fortnite items. These items include an original new Spider-Man costume that will be featured in the comic and other goodies like Wolverine pickaxe claws.

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Marvel Unlimited is an app home to over 30,000 Marvel comics all in one digital library. It is updated weekly with the newest issues arriving three months after they release in stores. Series recommendations, guides, and exclusive content can also be found.

How to Get the Fortnite items

In order to get access to the exclusive Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War items, users must first sign up for a paid Marvel Unlimited account with an email registered on Marvel's main site. After signing up, log in to the app and enjoy reading the five issues of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War. The code for the Fortnite items will be sent to the email account. Codes can be redeemed at Fortnite's site.

Players have until Oct. 27 to participate and must be signed up for a paid subscription to Marvel Unlimited. The most popular plan is a $9.99 per month which users can cancel anytime. Codes will be sent within 48 hours after the reading is completed and codes are available while supplies last.