Mass Effect 2 Suicide Squad Guide: Can You Save Everyone?

Photo courtesy of BioWare, Electronic Arts

In Mass Effect 2, the Suicide Mission is a daunting challenge that can cost you all of your crew if you're not careful. It's a good idea to try to keep everyone alive, because any character that dies will be unavailable in Mass Effect 3. Is it possible to save everyone? The answer is yes, but you'll have to take certain steps to ensure the mission is as successful as possible.

Mass Effect 2 Suicide Squad Guide: How to Save Everyone

The Suicide Mission is the final battle of Mass Effect 2, so make sure you are well prepared for it in advance. Before initiating the Reaper IFF mission, which triggers the start of the battle, make sure you have obtained all of the critical Normandy ship upgrades below. Failure to obtain all three of these will mean the loss of some of your crew.

  • Thannix Cannon from Garrus
  • Heavy Armor from Jacob
  • Kinetic Barriers from Tali

Additionally, make sure you've completed all of your squad mates' Loyalty Missions. Sometimes, the success of the mission will depend on completing a certain task, or your character's Paragon/Renegade. Make sure you don't fail any missions. Although a non-loyal character can still be saved during the Suicide Mission through good decision-making, completing their Loyalty Mission makes it much easier to ensure their survival.

Once you feel you are ready, start the Reaper IFF mission, and a countdown will begin where you have some time to complete 1-3 more missions. Then, you'll see a scene where your crew is kidnapped by the Collectors. Now, you must head to the Omega-4 Relay immediately, because the longer you take, the more of your crew will die. Make sure all important missions are completed before this point.

Mass Effect 2 Combat Gameplay
Photo courtesy of BioWare, Electronic Arts

During the Suicide Mission, you'll have to make a sequence of decisions, assigning characters to serve in certain roles. Below is a list of the ideal characters to assign to each role; any other characters, or a non-loyal character, will cause the operation to fail.

  1. Technical Specialist: Tali, Legion, Kasumi
  2. Fire Team Leader: Garrus, Jacob, Miranda
  3. Biotic Specialist: Samara, Jack
  4. Fire Team Leader: Garrus, Jacob, Miranda
  5. Escort Mission: Mordin (strongly recommended)

Finally, during the final boss fight, you'll pick certain characters to take into the boss fight and the rest will stay behind to defend. To make sure everyone on the Defense Squad survives, you must make sure they have an average Defense Rating of 2+. Below are the Defense Ratings of each squad member (non-loyal members have their Defense Rating decreased by 1):

  • Defense Rating 4: Grunt, Zaeed, Garrus
  • Defense Rating 2: Samara, Jacob, Miranda, Legion, Thane
  • Defense Rating 1: Kasumi, Jack, Mordin, Tali

With a team of loyal members and the right decisions made throughout the mission, you'll be able to complete the Suicide Mission without losing a single squadmate.