Mass Effect Legendary Edition: All Psychological Profiles Choices

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now out, allowing players to relive the magic from the Mass Effect trilogy. When creating your very own Command Shepard, you will be prompted to make important choices that define Shepard's psychological profile.

When completing the psychological profile, the player will be presented with three choices, with each choice directly affecting your bonus starting Renegade or Paragon points. During certain assignments, even the choice of psychological profile has an effect on certain strings of dialogue, presenting the player with dialogue options unique to their psychological profile choice.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Mass Effect Psychological Profile. Mass Effect Legendary Edition commander Shepard both

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: All Psychological Profiles Choices

Here's the three choices for psychological profile in Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

Sole Survivor

  • Background: During your time in the service, something went terribly wrong while out on a mission. You were trapped in an extremely dangerous survival situation, overcoming unimaginable phycological and physical stresses. You remain the only survivor from the disaster that partook.
  • Bonuses: The Sole Survivor profile starts with bonus Paragon and bonus Renegade points.
  • Unlocks: The Sole Survivor profile opens up additional conversation options during the "UNC: Dead Scientists" assignment.

War Hero

  • Background: Early on in your military training, you found yourself face to face against a seemingly endless force of enemy soldiers. Your bravery and heroism that you showed that day allowed you to overcome the enemy and be remembered a hero. You are seen as a war hero amongst your fleet, earning medals and recognition for your courage.
  • Bonuses: War Heroes start with bonus Paragon points.
  • Unlocks: The War Hero profile opens up additional conversation options during the "UNC: Espionage Probe" assignment.


  • Background: Getting done what needs to get done, no matter the result, is always on the mind of a Ruthless. Remorseless and brutal are some words used to describe the Ruthless, making even soldiers wary of your presence. In the hardest of times, when winning must be guaranteed, even the military will turn to a Ruthless for assistance.
  • Points: Ruthless profiles start with bonus Renegade points.
  • Unlocks: The Ruthless profile opens up additional conversation options during the "UNC: Major Kyle" assignment.

The psychological profile system set in the Mass Effect trilogy under Mass Effect: Legendary Edition sets the groundwork for how your character will mesh with the world around them.

Pick up Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.