Mass Effect Legendary Edition Class Breakdown

 Class Breakdown
Class Breakdown / Photo courtesy by Electronic Arts.

With the all-new release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, we will be looking at each class and breakdown what each does within the game of the story. Players can change classes between each game but not during a play-through. Here is the class list breakdown of each on to play:


Soldier class
Soldier class / Photo courtesy by Electronic Arts.

The soldier class is great for players who are new to the game or want action throughout the story. Soldier class skills are using all weapons available, with an increase of health, and nice armor with the reduction of abilities.


The engineer class is a technology specialist, who does not use many weapons compare to the soldier class. Engineer class have many abilities that disrupt enemies, support team members, and hack into the system towards datapads and security consoles.


Adept class
Adept class / Photo courtesy by Electronic Arts.

The adept class is similar to engineers, but instead of using tech abilities, they use biotic powers. Defying gravity, the adept class lets players pick up and move objects, also using them as weapons. This class is a support role with some of the weakest armor of the game.


Long-range combat
Long-range combat / Photo courtesy by Electronic Arts.

The infiltrator class is a blend of soldier and engineer. Their main weapon of choice is a sniper rifle and pistol, with decent amount of armor. The infiltrator class is weakest against close-combat, so its best to use them at long-range battles.


The sentinel class is a hybrid of adept and engineer, they are a strong support character using abilities and skills of tech and biotics. This class is best used for players that love to work as a team, because this support class really brings the squad together by providing abilities other members are missing. Be careful using this class because sentinels have no combat training.


The vanguard class is the only character to mainly use biotic abilities. Their main weapon is a shotgun and combining the abilities of this class allows players to close the gap from long-range enemies. Vanguard is for players that love to get into the action.

With the class breakdown, we hope you choose the right class you will be comfortable embarking on your journey.