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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Launch Times

courtesy of Electronic Arts

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be launching on May 14, 2021 on various platforms at different times.

The Mass Effect series is Electronic Arts' successful military science fiction game developed by BioWare. It will be a compilation of the trilogy including Mass Effect one, two, and three.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Launch Times

The Legendary Edition will bring changes to the game as well such as enhanced graphics and gameplay, multiplayer mode, and more. Various platforms will be supported for this game as well. Below is a list of the platform available to play the game:

  • PS4, PS5
  • Xbox One, Xbox X/S
  • PC: Steam, Origin

After six months after the official announcement of the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the game will finally be available.

The release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to be May 14 EST, but the time will vary for platforms. Here is the time for platforms:

  • 00:00 ET - PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox X/S
  • 11:00 ET - Origin
  • 21:00 ET - Steam

All platforms except for PC will be released at midnight for not only ET but BST and PDT. PDT will be the fastest to release, and BST will be the latest. In the morning it will be downloadable for Origin on PC, and later that day for Steam.