Massive Apex Legends Leak Allegedly Reveals Nine Upcoming Legends, Five Weapons, and New Lore

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A massive Apex Legends leak has made its way to Reddit allegedly showing off nine upcoming Legends, five or more weapons, and new lore. As with any leak, you have to be wary of fakes or changes down the line. Based on the information, this could be data all the way up to 2025, so a lot could change.

The folder with the initial data was pulled down, but other Redditors have downloaded the footage and uploaded it online.

Apex Legends Leaked Nine Legends

You can see screengrabs for all nine Legends in the Reddit post, and you can actually watch some of the abilities in action. As you can see, most of the new Legends have some type of cover art, showing off the design of the Legend, but only two of them have been built out. The rest are using target dummies in place of the Legend.

Newcastle and Vantage are the closest it seems to hit live servers. Both have textures, but Newcastle by far seems the furthest along. The level of detail rivals most Legends in the game, so their character could come first.

Apex Legends Leaked Weapons

The weapons are also exciting showing off the Scorpion, Maelstrom, Fanatic, and the Gemini. The Nemesis has been leaked before and has an actual model in the game, so expect it soon. The rest use stand-in weapons, but the actions and projectiles are what's going to be used.

The dual-pistol Fanatic and new automatic bow look like a game-changer and should be a fun addition to the game whenever they go live. As with any leak, nothing has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment, but the level of quality suggests this leak is legitimate.