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Mauer Der Toten Quest Guide: How to Complete Tin Man Heart

Mauer Der Toten's quest is long enough to require a guide.
Mauer Der Toten's quest is long enough to require a guide. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Mauer Der Toten's finally arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 Reloaded update, and players looking to complete the quest at the map's center need look no further. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to see all the story beats this map has to offer.

Mauer Der Toten Quest Guide: How to Complete the Tin Man Heart

As with most Easter eggs in Call of Duty: Zombies, this quest starts with turning on the power. With the power on, turn your attention to acquiring the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon and assembling Klaus, the robot occupying Mauer Der Toten.

To get the CRBR-S, you'll need to either open it in a Mystery Box, complete its quest, or by reaching the highest rank via Trials machines. You'll also need to upgrade it with the Blazer Mod Kit.

Assembling Klaus means finding the Microwave Dish in the debris piles near the Pack-A-Punch Machine, then buy the Brain Rot ammo mod from the Pack-A-Punch. Head to the Garment Factory and open the blue door, head north through the broken wall, take the first door on your right, turn north again and pass through another broken wall to find a room with a boarded-up door. Shoot a zombie with your Brain Rot ammo and it will rush to tear the boards off the door.

Kill the zombie and head inside, where you'll find a corpse on a bed. Interact with it to get the Robotic Hands. From there you simply need to reach round 10, kill Krasny Soldat and pick up the Battery and Klaus Blueprint he drops, and bring all these materials back to Klaus in the back of the Safehouse.

Crafting the Hacking Helm

With all that preliminary work out of the way, you can start on the Tin Man Heart quest. The first step is to acquire three components, found by shooting certain objects with the CRBR-S.

  • Antenna component — 
  • Shoot the Radio Tower on the Apartment Rooftop
  • Electronic Boards — Shoot the Metal Panel at the Ghost Station
  • Transistor — Shoot the Radios at the Electronics Store

Bring these components to Klaus to craft the Hacking Helm.

Accessing the Secret Lab

From there, bring Klaus to the Sewer Access location and command him toward a brick wall near the main staircase. He should then punch through the bricky to reveal metal behind it. Shoot the metal with the CRBR-S to get into the Secret Lab — this will only work if the Blazer Mod Kit is equipped.

Distributing Empty Canisters

Inside the Secret Lab, feel free to end the current round and start the next, removing shields from the equipment in the lab. When you've got a handle on the zombies, look for three Empty Canisters you can pick up from the Conversion Unit. Pick them up, then shoot a computer nearby to receive Endstation Lures.

Next you'll need to bring the Empty Canisters to Empty Harvesters that spawn at various locations around the map. Here are all the locations you can find them:

  • Ghost Station
  • East Berlin Streets
  • Alley
  • Destroyed Penthouse
  • Korber Rooftop
  • West Berlin Street
  • Sewer Access

At each of the Harvesters, toss down an Endstation Lure and kill the Tempest that spawns. Doing so will fill the Canister with its essence. Once all three Canisters are filled — you'll be able to tell as their label will change to Charged Canister — bring them back to the Secret Lab.

Stopping the Train

After you've dropped off the canisters, go to the Switch Control Room and flip the Railway Switch to swap the tracks. Command Klaus to stand on the track, and when the next train rolls through he'll stop it. Climb aboard and you'll find Rico's Keycard on a zombie and Bomb in a briefcase.

Return to the Secret Lab and interact with the Conversion unit to put the Bomb inside it.

Activating the Disruptor Satellite

Bring Rico's Keycard to the Safe House and use it on the computer you find inside. From inside the computer, you should be able to activate the Disruptor Satellite if you tool around long enough. This will activate a five-minute timer that will wipe your entire team if you don't complete the next steps in time.

Head to West Berlin Street, find the computer there and repeat the process. This will begin the firing sequence, spawning a bunch of powerful enemies. Kill them all before the timer runs out and you should be safe.

Crafting the Uranium Devices

When you kill the Megaton Blaster and Bomber that spawn during the firing sequence, they should drop a pair of Uranium Rocks. Pick them up and head to a Workbench and craft them into Uranium Devices.

Your team then has to split up, with one group bringing a Uranium Device to the Destroyed Penthouse and the other bringing a Uranium Device to the Korber Rooftops. At both locations, you'll need to interact with the zip line to place the Uranium Devices. They should travel along the lines and collide, revealing a Cleansed Rock you can collect from the East Berlin Streets below.

Bring that Cleansed Rock back to the Secret Lab and place it near the Warhead. Finish the round, then repeat the process of activating the satellites, killing the enemies that spawn, crafting the Uranium Devices from the Rocks, zip lining the Uranium Devices together, picking up the Cleansed Rock, and returning it to the Lab.

As soon as you place the second Cleansed Rock you'll trigger the boss fight.

Valentina Boss Fight

Valentina is the final boss of this quest, and she'll spawn in the Secret Lab. You'll have to deplete both her shields and her health bar as she teleports around the map. She can also heal herself by consumer nearby zombies, so it can be useful to kill them off before she can heal up.

When you kill Valentina, Klaus will bring the finished Warhead into a portal. Defend him from zombies while he does and you'll trigger a cutscene, concluding the quest.