Mauga Rumored as Overwatch 2 Hero Following Junker Queen

Mauga is an old ex-friend of Baptiste's.
Mauga is an old ex-friend of Baptiste's. / Courtesy of Blizzard

Mauga may be the next Overwatch 2 tank hero after Junker Queen, according to a since-removed interview with some of the game's top developers.

Even after Blizzard revealed a huge amount of new information about the upcoming sequel in a live broadcast earlier this week, fans have continued to speculate about content coming to the game in the future. To further fuel this, a Reddit post detailing a private interview between French content creator Potxeca and both game director Aaron Keller and principle designer Geoff Goodman has convinced players that a tank hero named Mauga will join the Overwatch 2 roster.

Potxeca's interview itself is no longer available online, so without input from Blizzard it's impossible to confirm this information.

Mauga may sound familiar to fans, and this is because he already exists in the Overwatch lore. He was first introduced as a side character in Baptiste's backstory, where he was described as a hulking, outgoing, and ultimately dangerous Talon soldier. He wields two massive machine guns, uses barriers in the short story to protect Baptiste. Former game director Jeff Kaplan even said the team had plans to add him as the game's 31st hero, but Mauga hasn't been mentioned or used since since then.