Maya's Challenges Fortnite: How to Complete

Visit Maya's Upgrade vault to customize your version of Maya
Visit Maya's Upgrade vault to customize your version of Maya / Epic Games

Maya's Challenges Fortnite have caused quite a stir in the community. As one of the agents to be available in Fortnite 2 Season 2, players were overjoyed with the large amount of customization options they could use with her. Maya has a variation of styles for each piece of her person and outfit. No two will look the same after completing her tasks this season.

It should be noted though that these customization options become permanent once selected and confirmed on your agent. Some players have been taking issue with this inflexibility. It's no surprise to find individuals who feel this way with the sheer amount of items they can collect for their avatar.

Here's everything you need to know about Maya's challenges and what they can bring you.

Maya's Challenges Fortnite: How to Complete

There are nine challenges that revolve around Maya and her style—or, should we say, your style. Each week, players will be tasked with a new challenge to unlock specific choices concerning a different part of her fashion. These range from hair color and style to the type of design she paints her face.

Week one's challenge was to "achieve AR Specialist by dealing 250 damage with Assault Rifles in a single match" five times. Completing this task let you choose between four different hairstyles for Maya: bob, pixie, ponytail, and her default.

Week two had players rushing to place in the top 20 of any match—solos, duos, and squads included. Upon winning, choices about Maya's tattoos will pop up. Each choice applies to different artwork including: flowers, snakes, "psychedelic" patterns, "ink", and her blank default.

Week three meant players needed to "achieve Pistol Specialist by dealing 150 damage with Pistols in a single match" in order to pick the incredibly minute detail of how long to wear her sleeves. An easy task for a small amount of input.

Week four's challenge sent players on a battle hardened mission to get eight eliminations in a single match five times. This opened up the options for boot customization, including: default, boots 2, boots 3 and boots 4. Each variant has a different color and slight modifications in style.

The challenges for weeks five through nine have yet to be revealed. Their rewards, however, are open to the public to see.

  • Week Five: Shirt Color (default, brown camo, arctic camo, jungle camo, urban camo, gray, green, dark, and all "full" counterparts)
  • Week Six: Vest (default/none, gray, ammo belt, military, black)
  • Week Seven: Helmet (default/none, helmet, googles, hat, hat - dark, bucket)
  • Week Eight: Paints Color (default, brown camo, acrtic camo, jungle camo, urban camo, gray, green, dark)
  • Week Nine: Facepaint (default, make-up, warpaint, warpaint 2, dirt)

Completing all nine weeks' challenges will get qualifying players an exclusive scarf with the color of their choice.