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McCree Appears to Shoot Through Mei Wall

A clip posted to Reddit Saturday appears to show McCree's ultimate passing through a Mei Ice Wall.

McCree can shoot through walls now, apparently.

In a clip posted to the Overwatch subreddit Saturday, user u/KonfettiTante captured footage that appeared to show McCree's ultimate ability, Deadeye, traveling straight through Mei's Ice Wall to kill an enemy Ana.

Viewers on the subreddit proposed a variety of explanations. Some believed the kill to have been the result of a bug, as Mei's Ice Wall appeared completely deployed when the bullet went through it.

Others stated it was likely the result of latency problems. While Overwatch uses client-side hit registration and the wall appeared fully deployed, the footage displayed was from a replay rather than the McCree's perspective. It's possible that in the actual game, the wall truly wasn't deployed from McCree's point of view.

The most likely explanation is that from McCree's perspective, Mei's wall wasn't yet deployed when he pulled the trigger, leaving a small window where the bullet could be fired and instantly connect before the wall actually became able to block it.

Whatever the explanation, the phenomenon is a strange one.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard