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McCree Hot Potato Overwatch Workshop Receives Update

McCree Hot Potato received another update by Kevlar with some more maps and balance updates.

McCree Hot Potato has been one of the most popular Overwatch Workshop modes since its creation.

The Reddit post showcases all the official changes you can find on the game mode.

There are five new maps!

  • Necropolis
  • Temple of Anubis
  • Hollywood
  • Nepal: Shrine
  • Ilios: Ruins

Here are the listed changes:

  • Passing the potato from shooting or hitting another player will now stun the target for 0.4 sec
  • Landing a headshot gives you 5% ult charge
  • Landing a shot while leaping, in addition to giving ult charge, will now heal you for 30hp
  • Leaping now creates a ring explosion effect at your feet
  • Using your immunity ult will heal you for 25hp if you are under 50hp
  • Healing from passing the potato when under 50hp reduced from 25hp to 20hp
  • Receiving the potato from when a player dies or quit will now heal you for 12hp
  • The ultimate charge is now properly shown on the ultimate bar at the bottom
  • Dead players can now spectate other players

Photo courtesy of Kevlar