Meet Clove, Valorant's First Nonbinary Agent

Say hello to Clove, Valorant's new nonbinary Agent with an OP Ultimate.
Say hello to Clove, Valorant's new nonbinary Agent with an OP Ultimate. / Riot Games

After weeks of teasers, Clove, Valorant's first nonbinary Agent, is here.

Teasers for a new Controller Agent in Valorant started swirling at the end of 2023, but until VCT Masters Madrid, no knew much about the background or abilities of Agent 25. During the epic LAN tournament, Riot Games revealed Clove, an "immortal Scottish troublemaker, aggressive Controller, and ultimate comeback kid" to the world. The first look not only showcased Clove's appearance and gameplay, but it also revealed the Agent is nonbinary, and uses the pronouns "they/them."

The groundbreaking Agent is a great addition to the current Valorant Agent pool, from their unique flare to their never before seen abilities. Here's everything you need to know about Agent 25, Clove.

Meet Clove, Valorant's First Nonbinary Agent

Clove, Valorant Agent 25, went live today in Patch 8.05. Unlike Valorant's other recently released Agents, like Iso and Deadlock, Clove's ability kit already seems like it could propel them to the top of the Controller meta.

Check out all of Clove's abilities, including their broken Ultimate, per Riot Games.

  • Not Dead Yet (X): Clove defies death by activating their immortality essence. To stabilize their form, they must remove the life energy of an opponent.
  • Ruse (E): Clove’s mind projects a view of the battlefield from above. Using their essence, they manifest vision-obscuring clouds that change the flow of battle, even in death.
  • Meddle (Q): Clove focuses a fragment of immortality essence that, once thrown, deteriorates the life essence of those hit by the blast.
  • Pick-Me-Up (C): Clove absorbs the life energy of a fallen enemy, granting them a moment of increased agility and health.

Game designer Dan “penguin” Hardison stated, "We hypothesized pretty early on that naturally aggressive players didn’t have enough varied options within the Controller role. Prior to Clove, it was almost all Omen from Controller players who felt like they wanted to be aggressive."

Now, Controllers can adopt a more aggressive play style with Clove, an Agent designed "to take on 1v1s."

How to Unlock Clove in Valorant

To unlock Clove in Valorant, players must either collect 200,000 XP or spend 1,000 VP to unlock the new Agent instantly. Those hoping to unlock Clove with Kingdom Credits must wait until their Recruitment Event ends.

Clove's recruitment ends in 29 days, and then fans can unlock Clove for 8,000 Kingdom Credits.