Meet the Voice Actor Behind Clove in Valorant

Come meet the voice actor behind Clove in Valorant.
Come meet the voice actor behind Clove in Valorant. / Riot Games

Agent 25 has finally arrived in Valorant, and fans want to know who is the voice actor behind Clove, the game's newest Controller.

Riot Games shocked the world when they revealed their next Agent is immortal. Clove is a nonbinary Controller all the way from Scotland with an Ultimate that allows them to resurrect from the dead. Now, players running Clove get a second chance at helping their team win a round in matches (as long as they get an elimination or assist within a short time period). Everything about the Agent's background to their abilities is unique and interesting, including their voice.

Here's everything we know about the Clove voice actor in Valorant.

Meet the Voice Actor Behind Clove in Valorant 

The voice actor behind Clove in Valorant is Isla Campbell. They are from Edinburgh, Scotland, and are known for their role as Theo in Float, a queer coming-of-age series set in a small Scottish town.

Despite their on-screen role, Clove is the first video game character Campbell has voiced in their career, although you would never know. The vibrant voice of Clove is funny and engaging, bringing to life a captivating personality some of the previous Valorant Agents lack.

Campbell announced their role on X right before Valorant Patch 8.05 went live, posting, "Weehoo, absolutely overjoyed I can finally announce that I am the voice of Clove, Valorant’s newest wee troublemaker!"

They continued, "Biggest thank you to the team over at Riot Games and Valorant for allowing me to voice a character that means so much to so many people, myself included. Clove has been created with so much love and care and it’s the biggest privilege that I get to voice them."

If you have yet to try out Clove in Valorant, or hear Campbell's voice work, then hop on the game and unlock the Controller with either 1,000 VP or 200,000 XP.