Mega Lopunny Mega Raid Guide

Courtesy of Niantic.

Mega Lopunny has arrived for the Spring into Spring event for Pokémon GO and we have a guide here just for you!

Unsurprisingly, Niantic has released Mega Lopunny into the world of Pokémon GO to celebrate Easter. The new Pokémon debuted in raids on April 4, 2021, but is still available for the rest of the month. So don't worry if you have not yet managed an encounter.

Mega Lopunny Guide

The Mega Lopunny is a dual-type Pokémon: both normal- and fighting-type. This means that they can be countered by psychic-, flying-, fighting-, and fairy-types. But which are the best Pokémon for the job? Well, lucky for you, we've got a couple of examples here:


Mewtwo is probably the strongest psychic-type Pokémon you can use to counter Mega Lopunny. However, Latios, Metagross, Gardevoir, and Mega Gengar are also good choices.


If you want to go for a flying-type, then Mega Pidgeot is your best bet, although Moltres and Mega Charizard Y are also great to have on hand.


For fairy-types, you might have fewer options, but these ones are always good to have: Gardevoir, Togekiss, and Latias.


Fighting-types are the best kind you can use for going up against Mega Lopunny. Luckily, you have a lot to choose from, but any of these Pokémon will do a lot of damage: Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp, and Breloom.