Mega Mall Fortnite is one of the new additions to the map in Season 9, and it brings a futuristic sheen to the once and future shopping hub. Here's everything you need to know about the new location.

Fortnite Map Changes

When the Unvaulting event took place at the close of Fortnite Season 8, it caused the volcano in the northeast of the map to finally erupt. Three massive blasts of lava landed around the map, destroying the locations completely. Tilted Towers, Polar Peak and Retail Row were all reduced to rubble.

Mega Mall Fortnite

When Fortnite Season 9 launched Thursday, all three locations had been rebuilt with the new futuristic theme in mind. Retail Row became Mega Mall, a sleek, open shopping space with multiple floors.

On one side stands a three-story restaurant called Pizza Pit, featuring art deco flooring, animated posters, and sleek blue color scheming. Other areas in the mall include an ice cream parlor, an arcade, a coffee shop and more.

In the center of the mall a fountain flows, with stairs leading up to the various shops on the mall's three floors, and above it all turns a hologram of Tomato Head.

Mega Mall is available to explore in Fortnite now.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games