Mega Medicham Pokémon GO: How to Get

Niantic, Pokémon Company

Mega Medicham has finally made its debut in Pokémon GO, allowing players to not only encounter them in raids, but catch one of their own.

Medicham is a dual Fighting- and Psychic-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation III, but it didn't receive its Mega Evolution until the sixth generation, when the battle mechanic first came out. Medicham's mega evolution is quite powerful, keeping its same typing but gaining a huge buff with its normal ability changing to Huge Power, which doubles the attack stat.

So, with this Mega Pokémon being such a hit in the main series games, its obvious why its arrival in Pokémon GO may entice some players.

Mega Medicham Pokémon GO: How to Get

Mega Medicham can be found in Mega Raids going on until Mar. 21, which marks the end of the Rising Heroes event in-game. Being a Fighting- and Psychic- type, players should be bringing Fairy- and Flying-type Pokémon (and moves) to handle it efficiently and get a Medicham of their own.

After mega energy has been collected, trainers just have to use enough on their Medicham once to make it Mega Evolve, and everytime after they'd like to Mega Evolve their Medicham, they just have to wait for that cooldown to end. The same goes for any Pokémon players are looking to Mega Evolve.

Mega Medicham was released into Pokémon GO at the beginning of the Festival of Colors event, which began Mar. 8 and ends Mar. 14.