Memory Error 13-71 Warzone: How to Fix

Xbox Memory Error 13-71 Fix
Xbox Memory Error 13-71 Fix / Courtesy of Activision

The memory error 13-71 in Warzone seems to happen only on Xbox. There has been a memory error floating around the Warzone community for at least a month now and seems to be cropping up fairly often, so we've got a fix for you here. And it's quite simple.

Memory Error 13-71 Warzone: How to Fix

We have described the fix in detail below, but this quick video will also help you solve the problem if you prefer a visual. The steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure the Xbox in use is set as your home Xbox
  2. Make a second Xbox account (skip this step if you already have one already)
  3. Remaining on the Call of Duty main screen, switch into the second Xbox profile
  4. Log into Xbox Live servers and enter the Warzone or Multiplayer lobbies
  5. Switch profiles to your normal gamer tag
  6. Press Y or go to the Social section and delete the regiment that is causing this error
  7. (Optional) Block regiment invites

This memory error can be quite frustrating and seems to come from certain regiment invites, so you can block regiment invites until this patch is fixed, or just avoid joining them. If this memory error occurs again, just repeat the above steps to fix.