Mercy Player Earns 'Sharpshooter' Play of the Game by Racking up Headshots During Valkyrie

"Sharpshooter" Mercy puts her unlimited pistol to good use in this Valkyrie PoTG
"Sharpshooter" Mercy puts her unlimited pistol to good use in this Valkyrie PoTG / Courtesy of Blizzard

A Mercy using her pistol instead of her healing beam during Valkyrie seems just as likely to induce the ire of teammates as it is to draw applause. When using her ultimate, every Mercy player faces this dilemma: "do I use these fifteen seconds to float above my team while healing and buffing them? Or, instead, do I utilize this unlimited ammo and leave the entire enemy team in my wake?" More often than not, choosing the latter will leave your team angry and without health.

In the clip, posted to the Overwatch subreddit Sunday by u/Spongiest, Spongiest flips the "DPS Mercy" narrative by successfully using Valkyrie's unlimited pistol ammo to break the enemy team's hold on the point.

Spongiest's play of the game is the product of just two kills, but they are both huge plays. First, Spongiest takes down the Ash in a matter of seconds. Ash has the high ground and easily could have killed Spongiest during Valkyrie or even sent B.O.B. to save the point. Spongiest's pistol shots ensure Ash won't be around for the rest of the fight.

After dealing with Ash, Spongiest employs a rapid Guardian Angel swoop to close the distance on an ulting Reaper. Reaper's Death Blossom is negated by D.Va's Defense Matrix, and point-blank headshots from Spongiest's pistol finish him quickly. It's not every day you see a "sharpshooter" play of the game from a Mercy.