Mercy, Symmetra Changes Detailed in Overwatch 2 Blog Post

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The June 28 patch for the Overwatch 2 Beta saw Mercy and Symmetra experienced significant nerfs. Mercy's Guardian Angel ability could no longer be canceled using crouch, and automatically launched players into the sky if they reached the end of its range. Symmetra no longer generated ammunition when damaging barriers.

After a week of receiving feedback from players through the open Overwatch 2 forum and Reddit, Overwatch 2 developers announced in a blog post that both heroes would see changes.

Mercy and Symmetra Receive Changes

The coming Mercy changes aim to give players more control.

"Guardian Angel will not automatically launch Mercy into the air, but it will now have a meter that charges while the ability is active," Blizzard wrote.

"When canceling Guardian Angel with Jump, Mercy will now be launched in the direction she is facing. The more charge she gets during the ability, the more momentum the launch has when she cancels it with Jump."

Symmetra, meanwhile, has undergone more widespread changes during the Overwatch 2 beta.

"We recognized in the first beta that Symmetra didn’t quite fit into the play space Overwatch 2’s changes were defining: Faster paces, more engagements, less barriers," Blizzard wrote in its blog post.

"We expected the changes to Symmetra’s Teleporter and secondary fire projectile speed to be the primary solutions, but we overshadowed these with other nerfs."

Now, the team has begun internally testing Symmetra changes that include her projectile size going back to .5 from .4, her secondary fire charge dropping by .2 seconds, and the cooldown for her teleporter will being reduced to 12 seconds.

The earliest these changes could be released would be during the upcoming mid-cycle patch, which is still in the early testing phase.