Metal Gear Solid Remake Announcement Possibly Coming This Year


Rumors of an upcoming Metal Gear Solid remake for the PlayStation 5 have begun swirling around, with reports of an announcement coming later this year.

Konami have made a point of reviving some of their biggest franchises in recent times, having previously announced a remake of Silent Hill 2 only this time helmed by Bloober Team. Recent rumors suggest that Metal Gear Solid could be getting some similar treatment.

The latest rumor claims that a Metal Gear Solid remake has been in development for a few years, and will be releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

A YouTube video from Balboa Mania has been putting the pieces together. It seems an announcement could be coming during Q1 of this year. But the video suggests that there may be even more Metal Gear to come.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Announcement Possibly Coming This Year

In the video, a tweet from voice actor Quinton Flynn who voiced Raiden in the Metal Gear series was posted in response to a fan hoping for Metal Gear Rising 2 in an upcoming Metal Gear showcase.

"Stay tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks," Flynn responded on Jan. 14.

Konami has yet to confirm if a Metal Gear Solid remake is on the table, or a sequel to Metal Gear Rising. If the former is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 5, then fans will likely get first glimpse of it during one of Sony's State of Play showcases.

In the past, Sony has held a State of Play presentation in February, which would line-up with the suspected Q1 announcement.