Call of Duty

Methodz and the Toronto Ultra Part Ways

Photo by The Toronto Ultra

After being on the Toronto Ultra for 2 years, Anthony "Methodz" Zinni has left the team after having spent time as a starter and substitute for the roster.

Methodz has a huge following in the Call of Duty community and many fans have already brainstormed about the possibilities for what's next for Methodz.

Many fans have imagined that the last spot in the CDL would be a place Methodz could land. The spot is currently held by Envy, who already co-own the Optic Dallas roster.

Another route, is of course to just focus on content. Methodz has gathered a huge following on Twitter and Twitch which continues to grow each day.

We have seen him make multiple appearances on other pro players' streams and also guest starring on podcasts like Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto's "The Flank."

Methodz has stated multiple times that he would like to get back into the CDL, but if the opportunity doesn't arise, a career in the content world is certainly waiting for Methodz and those fans of his that he calls the "Zinn City."