Metroid Prime Power Ball Location

Retro Studios, Nintendo

The Power Ball feature is one of the most defining aspect of Metroid Prime Remastered's puzzle-solving and combat systems. Here's a little additional information as well as where players can expect to find it.

There are several powers existing in the game that Metroid Prime Remastered players must use in order to get across the treacherous planet's many areas. The Power Ball is one of those features. It allows players to break items that are made of Bendezium, which are discernible due to the stacks of debris which are blueish-purple in nature.

Below describes where players can find the power ball item.

Metroid Prime Power Ball Location

The Power Ball finds itself located in the Phazon Mines' Central Dynamo, and with it being a major part of the weapon upgrades Samus has access to in the games, acquiring it will trigger a cutscene and its own pop-up in-game.

Immediately after receiving the power ball, players will be forced to use this new power in order to break through some obstruction to the exit in order to get to Quarantine Access A, the next area.

Players will be able to find multiple upgrades for the power ball in order to make this weapon a lot stronger for not only combatting enemies, but solving further puzzles that present themselves in the game.

Metroid Prime Remastered got released Feb. 8 of this year.