Metroid Prime Remastered Control Options

Nintendo, Retro Studios

Metroid Prime Remastered was released for the Nintendo Switch last month, and players have the opportunity to decide which controller setting is going to work the best for them.

For $40, Metroid Prime Remastered offers players the original Metroid Prime at its best; updated visuals, soundtracks, and additional gameplay components give Metroid fans, and people awaiting to get introduced to the game series, many hours of playtime for an incredibly high-rated game.

Below are details on each of the control options currently available in the game.

Metroid Prime Remastered Control Options

To change the control scheme that your game is operating with, you need to go to the options menu in the game, go to the controls screen, then select control scheme for each of the options.

Classic Controls

In this setting, Samus' guns cannot be moved with as much liberty as they can in other settings. To move them, players must be stationary and then lock onto enemies. Meaning that, unfortunately, players cannot shoot enemies and move Samus at the same time.

Dual Stick Controls

This setting is the default control scheme, and players will be playing like the game is a first-person shooter, which it is. Players will be allowed to move and shoot at the same time, and will have easier access to Samus' other abilities as well.

Hybrid Controls

Made in the same image of the classic style, in this setting, players must refine their shooting skills while locked on by using the motion controls. Otherwise, it is incredibly similar to the classic style.

Pointer Controls

This setting enables motion controlling when moving the camera to aim and while moving. The game says that the controls are identical to that of Metroid Prime: Trilogy when played on the Wii.