Microsoft, Nvidia, Ubisoft Reportedly Hacked by Teenagers

Nvidia had designs for GPUs leaked by the hacking group Lapsus$.
Nvidia had designs for GPUs leaked by the hacking group Lapsus$. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Several of the biggest tech companies in the world have been hacked over the past month, with the list of victims including Microsoft, Nvidia, Ubisoft, Samsung and Okta. A Bloomberg report now says the group behind the hacks, known as Lapsus$, is masterminded by a teenager "living at his mother's house" in England.

"Four researchers investigating the hacking group Lapsus$, on behalf of companies that were attacked, said they believe the teenager is the mastermind," Bloomberg says. At least seven members are suspected in total, with another suspect being a Brazilian teenager. None have yet been charged.

The hacks in question have been both high profile and damaging. Nvidia had sensitive GPU designs leaked, Microsoft and Samsung lost gigabytes of source code, and sent Okta into a public relations crisis after up to 2.5% of its customers were affected by the hack.

The English teen, who goes by the aliases "White" and "breachbase," is said to be such an effective hacker that "researchers initially thought the activity they were observing was automated." He and his cohorts allegedly used compromised employee credentials to log into Zoom calls and "taunted employees and consultants who are trying to clean up their hack."

Researchers say that, despite its effectiveness, Lapsus$ suffers from poor operational security. The English teen has allegedly had his personal information, including his address and information about his parents, posted online by rival hackers.