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Microsoft Reportedly Seeking Genshin Impact-Like Game

Courtesy of MiHoYo

Microsoft hopes to find a game like Genshin Impact to help it break into the Chinese market, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Per Reuters' industry sources, Microsoft had already been working on establishing a presence in China, but that Sony's success with Genshin Impact functioned as a wake-up call. The company fears being left behind, and has begun searching China for game development studios of all sizes to bring their games to Game Pass.

The report indicates Microsoft spoke to Genshin developer miHoYo earl in the game's development, but that the two parties failed to reach an agreement. As Genshin Impact has made a reported $3.7 billion on mobile in the two years since it saw release, with total revenue likely much higher, as the game is also available on PlayStation consoles and PC — but not on Xbox consoles. Microsoft hopes not to repeat the mistake.

Chinese developers told Reuters that Microsoft's offers were attractive because of the large sums of money involved, and because the company is aiming to put cross-platform, multiplayer games on Game Pass. One studio executive said Microsoft's deal around a sequel to their game was "many times bigger" than the offer for the first game in the series.

"We are not signing it yet because we think that when we fully complete our game, it will get an even better offer," the executive said.