Microsoft Is 'Committed' to Bringing Xbox Game Pass to Mobile Devices — Even if They're Apple

Xbox head Phil Spencer's ambitions extend to mobile.
Xbox head Phil Spencer's ambitions extend to mobile. / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Microsoft wants to eventually bring its Xbox Game Pass subscription service to mobile devices, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed in an interview with CNBC.

Spencer was pointedly asked about the difference between Apple's ongoing control over its App Store platform (many are critical of the 30% cut Apple takes from app developers who want to use their store) as compared to console-makers' control of game availability via exclusivity agreements in an interview with CNBC Monday.

Spencer seemed unconcerned, though, noting that Microsoft's ideal is to bring its Xbox Game Pass to mobile devices in the future.

"We're committed to bringing Game Pass to all mobile phones out there, including Apple phones," Spencer said. "We'll continue the conversations and I'm sure we'll be able to get to some resolution."

The resolution Spencer is referring to will likely need to involve some compromise from Apple, which seems to be unmovable in its adherence to a 30% cut from app and in-game purchases. However, with Microsoft's announced buyout of Bethesda on Monday, it might have even more fighting power to negotiate with soon.