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Midnight Ghost Hunt Patch 4 Unveiled

Image courtesy of Vaulted Sky Games

Midnight Ghost Hunt continues to receive updates during its early access period on Steam, bringing fans a more balanced game and ironing out any glitches that seem to be impacting gameplay. With Patch 4's release, here is everything the development team Vaulted Sky Games patched:

Midnight Ghost Hunt Patch Notes

  • Hosts of quick play games (games created by quick play) can no longer kick players or force change teams. Games manually hosted can still kick, though we are now monitoring more closely for kick abuse in public lobbies
  • New Victory Pose: "Rainbow" - adapted from our recently added Rainbow in-game emote
  • Hunters can now properly jump onto ladders without sliding down
  • Ghosts can no longer break fellow Ghosts out of Doppelganger form with damage
  • Ghost charge-up attack and ghost punch damage reduced slightly but only before Midnight, after Midnight is unchanged
  • Ghosts can now more reliably damage traps that are placed on a slope below or above them
  • Added Ukrainian as a supported in-game language
  • Fixed bug in custom games with respawns enabled always displaying "99" lives remaining until the first respawn occurs
  • Fixed bug where consuming bots and sometimes players would not show up in the killfeed properly
  • Beta tester title and skins no longer appear to players unless they have it unlocked since they are no longer attainable
  • Suit of armor on Asylum behind invisible wall fixed
  • Out of bounds in Museum nature room dome fixed
  • Potentially fixed rare bug where Hunters could respawn out of bounds
  • Fixed Ghost Ship collision issues with sword trophy prop
  • Various collision and unintended hiding spot fixes as usual
  • Various localization fixes and updates

The full update post can be found on a post to the game's steam page.